The Name You Know.
The People You Can Trust.

For over 24 years, T.W. Lewis has earned a solid reputation in the homebuilding industry by providing a superior product with outstanding customer service and attention to detail. Now you have the opportunity to experience the same T.W. Lewis quality through our Luxury Leasing or Lease Purchase programs.

Every home in the T.W. Lewis Luxury Leasing program comes with the same quality features and friendly customer service that our homebuyers have come to appreciate and enjoy in their homes.

Our Values

At T.W. Lewis Company, we’ve always been guided by our core values, and an underlying philosophy that encourages us to treat our customers and business associates with respect, courtesy and prompt attention to their needs. We believe in dealing honestly and fairly with everyone, working hard to earn their trust, keeping our commitments, striving to improve and being considerate of others in all of our interactions.

In other words, we strive to treat others the way we like to be treated, consistent with our core values:


Telling the truth, not cheating or stealing, being honest in all interactions.


Showing consistent character in our words and actions by saying what you believe and doing what you say.

Hard Work

Going the extra mile, voluntarily, to get the job done right and working with a sense of urgency.


Making good on your commitments, following up as expected, and being dependable.


Setting goals, striving to improve and getting results.


Understanding other people’s point of view by showing empathy, decency and kindness for others.